Diagnosis of oligospermia

Oligospermia is an affection that causes a low sperm quantity in the seminal fluid: it does not produce any other recognizable symptoms. For this reason, men with this problem arent aware they have this alteration, until they try to conceive a baby and, after a certain period of time without achieving a pregnancy, they decide to turn to a fertility specialist.

In order to evaluate male fertility, two simple tests are necessary: a blood test and a seminogram. Through the blood test, they want to verify the levels of basic hormones like FH, LH, testosterone, prolactin In this way it is shown if any of these values arent correct, and if this can be the cause of some problems.

¿Por qué oligospermia llevará a cabo?


Seminogram is the main diagnostic test to confirm the sperm quality; in order to carry out this test with the highest guarantees, it is necessary the man maintains between 2 and 4 days of abstinence. Once prepared, he will proceed with masturbation, collect the ejaculate in a sample box and leave it at a laboratory, to let the analysis begin.

In the laboratory of andrology, they analyze the morphological characteristics of the sperm, like:

  • volume
  • color
  • aspect
  • liquefaction

Later, the microscopical examen is carried out, through which the experts will verify concentration, motility, vitality and morphology of the sperm in the ejaculate.

If, after the seminogram, oligospermia is diagnosed, this is due to the fact that sperm concentration or quantity are less than 15 millions sperm per millimeter. WHO values are taken as benchmarks, and they show that a good sperm quantity means a man has more than 15 millions/ml.

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