Treatment of oligospermia

The application of a specific treatment for the cause of oligospermia is important, still it is complicated, due to the fact that, in the majority of the situations, the etiology is unknown.

There is no reliable treatment that can increase the number of the sperm produced by a testicle, but people normally turn to drugs to improve the quality of male fertility: vitamins, hormones, natural remedies…

Natural treatment

Some natural herbs are traditionally used as a home made remedy to improve the sperm quality, although it is not scientifically proved they increase the quantity of sperm.

Maca increases the sperm quantity

Peruvian Maca: it is a bulb typical from PerĂ¹ that, combined with other herbs, is given through infusions or pills. It has high levels of potassium, which impulse the cell exchange and improves the transmission of nerve impulses. Maca is beneficial because it decreases the level of oxidative stress, it contains folic acid (vitamin B6), which acts against cellular aging of sperm.

Drugs as treatment

Apart from natural remedies, there are other therapeutic options of vitamin complexes, hormonal doses or drugs like clomiphene citrate.

Vitamin complexes: there are pills made of vitamins E, C or B6 that have a great quantity of antioxidants, which impacts on DNA fragmentation of sperm. This treatment improves the sperm quality but doesn’t increase their quantity.

Hormonal doses: its use is advisable for patients with testosterone problems or imbalances in other hormones involved in male fertility. In this way, hormonal levels are balanced and the testicles can synthesize sperm in a natural way, which can be a solution for some specific types of oligospermia.

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