Types of oligospermia

We can find three different types of oligospermia, according to le level of sperm’s alteration:

  • Mild oligospermia
  • Moderate oligospermia
  • Severe oligospermia

When a seminogram is made to verify male fertility and the alteration is diagnosed, it is usually shown in the diagnosis the grade of oligospermia, according to the number of sperm found in the seminal fluid.


Mild oligospermia

This is the less serious manifestation of the disease. Sperm concentration in the seminal fluid of these patients is between 14 and 5 million sperm per millimeter. It is considered as normal starting from 15 millions sperm/ml of seminal fluid – this value is recommended by WHO, which decreased this value in 2010, from a previous normal value of 20 million sperm/ml.

Moderate oligospermia

There is a smaller number of sperm in patients with moderate oligospermia, and the sperm concentration is between 5 and 1 million sperm per millimeter. It is normally suggested, for moderate as well as for mild oligospermia, to follow a medical treatment that can help increasing the sperm quality: after few months, the seminogram test is repeated to verify the new seminal parameters.

Severe oligospermia

Severe or serious oligospermia is the most complicated, and the one with the worst predict. The sperm number in this oligospermia has values below 1 million sperm in the seminal fluid. Thanks to assisted reproduction‘s advances, these men have the possibility to achieve having babies through fertility treatments and assisted reproduction techniques, such as ICSI.


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    naab evans

    my semen count is 12.6 million what do i do?

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      Virginie Sinapin


      With this number, it indicates that you have a problem of oligospermia. To improve it, you should have a healthy way of life: do some moderate exercises, eat healthy and control the hormones level to find the cause of this semen trouble because it can be due to production or obstruction problems.

      I hope I could help you.

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    I want to know which bibliography did you use to differentiate each type.

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